Stevan and Erkki have been working on these projects separately until now, but have recently decided it best to combine their powers.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us by e-mail:

Deus Ex: working title "Mansion" / "5 Days"

Mostly plays like an old-school adventure game, this is a remake of Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw's free 2D adventure game "5 Days a Stranger" (made with AGS), which has received numerous awards in the adventure community. The game is set in the modern times and takes place in a manor in Enland, during a period of 5 days. It has elements of mystery and horror games, but there is very little action involved. Work on the mod was started already in December of 2003, but stopped in May. It was resumed in November of 2004 and a lot of progress was made in about 3 weeks -- it turned from some modifications to the engine and interface into something actually playable. A pre-alpha quality demo with placeholder assets is not far from completion. Most of the story and dialogues will be taken from the original game. Additions to the story, however, have not yet been done.
The Deus Ex engine was selected for this mod because it was the most adventure-ready easily modifyable 3D game engine available.

  • 1 or 2 relatively small Deus Ex levels, plus possibly separate levels for the intro & ending movies.
  • Only a few characters, hopefully fully voiced in the end.

Half Life 2: working title "Langhorne Underground"

Langhorne Underground, the second game in our itinerary, sports a story vaguely inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and to a greater extent by Vladimir Nabokov. Casual readers of the former, but only the maniacal scholars of the latter, will pick out the references. The game is envisioned as a Half Life 2 mod. It was begun as a 2D third person adventure game using AGS as its engine in March of 2004, but it gradually became more and more apparent that it would benefit drastically from an action-adventury 3D gameplay. As a result, part of the 2D version is finished, but there are no finished assets for the 3D version (aside from the story and the soundtrack) and it would have to be begun from scratch.
The Source engine seems to be THE choice for this game simply because it makes things look beautiful, has a perfect physics support, and the facial expressions it allows ought to be used.

  • The game size is about the same as 5 Days.
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